Revision policy 修改政策

At, we take pride in providing high-quality academic assistance. We are always ready to revise your paper if it does not entirely meet your expectations. We will revise your paper free of charge if your revision request follows our main terms: 为留学生提供高质量的论文代写服务. 如果您对收到的论文不满意, 我们将及时提供修改服务. 只要修改要求遵循我们的主要条款, 我们将为您免费修改论文:
• INSTRUCTIONS: Your revision directions should remain the same and not conflict with your initial instructions.
论文要求: 你的论文修改要求没有改变过, 并且与一开始提供的论文要求相同.
• SUBMISSION: You must submit your request for revision using the request revision button on your personal order page.
提交修改要求: 您必须使用个人订单页面上的“Request Revision”的按钮提交修改申请.
• DEADLINE: You can request a revision at any time before approving your order, you have 14 days to check paper then it will be approved automatically.
截止日期: 您可以在订单Approve之前随时要求修改, 订单会在您收到后的14天后自动Approve.
If you require significant alternations to the original order or request a revision 7 days after an order is approved, you will have to pay an extra fee. Contact our operators for an estimate.
如果您要求对订单进行大量的修改, 或者您在订单Approve了之后提出修改要求, 您将需要支付额外的费用. 您需要与我们的客服团队取得联系并获取正确报价.
When requesting a different writer, please remember that additional time is needed to find a new writer, so make sure you adjust your revision deadline accordingly. We suggest you add an extra 48 hours to the deadline for the new writer.

如果您不满意之前的导师, 要求换一位导师来修改论文; 那么请给我们额外的时间寻找新的合适的导师, 也请相应地调整修改工作所需的时间. 我们建议在之前的基础上增加48个小时, 充足的时间是对论文质量负责.